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Working Meeting,
 March 28, 2012

SA3BKF/Bengt and SM3CVM/Lars arrived to Utanede at half past nine. SM3CVM/Lars tested the amatuer radio equipment and activated the signal SI9AM. SM3FJF/Jörgen, SM3CER/Janne and SM3BQC/Arne joined them about one o'clock. After a lunch at SI9AM the guys discussed what needs to be done at SI9AM and Lars Jorgen and prepared a number of cases for the upcoming SI9AM annual meeting March 31 in Ostersund.

In the afternoon the guys invited Victoria and Carolina, which is the new tenant for Holmstagården. For one and a half hour they described the amateur radio hobby, and discussed the future cooperation. We are now glad that from now we will have a well-functioning restaurant which also have the possibility to offer catering


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