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Liaison mission for SI9AM during the Diggiloo show
at the Thai pavilion

 August 06, 2010

A lot of hams
Also this year SI9AM had a liaison mission during the Diggiloo show. A lot of hams were working from the early morning to midnight. Our mission was to park all cars on three parking areas. We also helped the "Diggiloo-people" with different small projects.

Work in the morning
We started with coffee and short meeting in the Museum when SM3SZW/Sven gave information about the mission during the day. We started too built up the HQ-station and a restaurant tent near the Museum.

We had 2-meters hand-held equipment and we were QRV on separate frequencies depending on the mission we had for the moment. The HQ-station was on 145,450 MHz and distributed information to all of us and answered all our questions.

It was a very warm and fine day with sunshine the whole day. For the hams on the parking areas without trees and no shadow it was a hot day. A lot of water was consumed.

This year we had our lunch at Holmstagården.

Sandwiches and food
During the whole day coffee, tea, water, cakes, sandwiches and food was served in our restaurant tent. We also had a radio-equipped four-wheeler which served the parking areas with water, coffee and sandwiches. Of course this wheeler was used during the whole day for a lot of other things.

They way out
When the show ended around 23.00 local time we were on the three parking areas to show and help the cars to find their way out. After about 40 minutes all cars had left the parking areas and we were told that we had done a good job.

Thank you and goodnight
We cleaned up the parking areas from all materials and barrier tape, then we had meeting in our restaurant tent for a late hot dogs with bread and more water.

SM3SZW/Sven-Henrik thanked everyone for a very good job.

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