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Work at SI9AM,
 Saturday May 08, 2010


Yagi antenna from Belgium
A quarter to seven on Saturday morning the hams from Njurunda / Nolby started their trip to Utanede. It was SM3FJF/Jörgen and SM3HFD/Håkan. SM3BQC/Arne was picked up in Järkvissle. On the car roof rack was the Yagi antenna that we have received from ON4ACA/Jef and ON6UQ/Marcel.

Starting from Sundsvall
From Sundsvall started SM3EXM/Erik and he picked up SM3CER/Janne in Sundsbruk.

A trailer
From Östersund started SM3CVM/Lars and he picked up SM3GHN/Jan-Bertil, SM3DAL/Ove and SA3BDM/Ove. A trailer was rented and a stop was made at "Torpet" (QTH for SK3JR) where they brought with them a mast.

Morning Coffee
When they all arrived in Utanede, they had coffee out on the balcony while they were planning the day's work.

Five areas of work
The work was divided into five different areas of work.
SM3BQC/Arne, SM3DAL/Ove and SM3EXM/Erik cleared up in the area around the antenna mast.

SM3HFD/Håkan worked with the four elements beam which SM3FJF/Jörgen had with him. ON4ACA/Jef and ON6UQ/Marcel in Belgium have given us the antenna . The antenna has been shipped by truck to Njurunda and then by car to Utanede.

SM3CER/Janne worked with software updates in the computers.

SA3BDM/Ove, SM3EAE/Lars and SM3GHN/Jan-Bertil opened the package with the Spiderbeam, which SI9AM has bought and began to put the details together.

SM3CVM/Lars and SM3FJF/Jörgen continued the planning for the anniversary July 24.

160-meter dipole
After the lunch they continued to work and they also had time to repair the 160-meter dipole which had been damaged during the winter.

Thanks to all
At five o'clock they stopped the work the day and they went home.

Next Working Day will be Saturday, May 29

If you click on the photos you will see them larger.


SM3FJF/Jörgen with the Yagi Antenna on the car roof.

ON4ACA/Jef and ON6UQ/Marcel have given us the Antenna. SM3HFD/Håkan is checking that everything is OK.

The mast.

SM3CVM/Lars and SM3GHN/Jan-Bertil with a cup of coffee and a sandwich.

SM3DAL/Ove and SA3BDM/Ove in the sunshine.

SA3BDM/Ove and SM3EXM/Erik are ready to start the work.

Three amateurs SM3EAE/Lars, SM3GHN/Jan-Bertil and SM3CVM/Lars have opened the package with Spiderbeam.

You have to read the installation instructions carefully so that everything will be right.

SM3DAL/Ove is working around the antennas.

SM3BQC/Arne is working.

SM3EXM/Erik is working.

A smiling SM3CER/Janne.

The Yagi Antenna we got from ON4ACA/Jef and ON6UQ/Marcel.


A break for Food ...

... and of course coffee.

SM3CVM/Lars and SM3EAE/Lars also enjoy a cup of coffee.

Mounting the Spiderbeam. Here is SM3CVM/Lars, SM3EAE/Lars and SA3BDM/Ove.

The Thai pavilion waiting for the summer season and visiting tourists.

The mast which we borrowed from SK3JR.

The mast.

Work around the antenna mast.

Great interest for the Spiderbeam.

We are not ready today, we will continue another weekend.

We were glad for the nice weather this day. It made our work much easier.


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