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Annual Meeting,
 April 24, 2010

This year's annual meeting on SI9AM was held on Saturday April 24 at Holmstagården between 10:15 and 11:15 local time. For the first time were offered the opportunity for member clubs to attend the annual meeting via a Skype connection. Hudiksvalls Radio Amateurs, SK3GA was represented by SM3FT Lars Molin.

Immediately after the annual meeting we held a Boarding Meeting. When the clock was 12:00 SM3CVM thanked all hams who had been present at Holmstagården and SM3FT ON Skype for good engagement at today's meetings.

Our landlord Reine had arranged so that the restaurant was open extra for us so that we could had our lunch at Holmstagården.

After lunch, we made an optical inspection of the antenna park and we discussed the coming work with the antenna mast for a WARC Beam.

In the end of the day SM3CER/Janne SM3HFD/Håkan updated some software, for example a program to run PSK31 from SI9AM. Five PSK31 QSO:s was made before we went home again.

If you click on the photos you will see them larger.


A cup of coffee before the annual meeting.

Before the annual meeting.

The annual meeting at Holmstagården.

SM3HFD/Håkan and SM3CER/Janne.

SM3BQC/Arne and SM3GHN/Jan-Bertil.

SM3BQC/Arne, SM3GHN/Jan-Bertil and SA3BDR/Håkan.

SM3HFD/Håkan, SM3CER/Janne and SM3BQC/Arne are looking the annual report.

SM3SZW/Sven-Henrik, SM3ESX/Christer and SM3CVM/Lars.

SM3SZW/Sven-Henrik is talking via Skype with SM3FT/Lars in Hudiksvall.


SM3ESX/Christer and SM3CVM/Lars

The annual meeting.

SM3CVM/Lars in discussion via Skype with SM3FT/Lars.


The audit report.

SM3CVM/Lars and SM3FJF/Jörgen

SM3CVM/Lars informs about some of the activities in Ragunda during the summer.

SM3ESX/Christer was elected as secretary during the annual meeting.

Some discussions.

Ater the annual meeting we had lunch at Holmstagården.

A delicous lunch.

Time to look around after the winter.

SA3BDR/Håkan, SM3HFD/Håkan and SM3SZW/Sven-Henrik.

Where can we place the WARC-beam.

Some dipole antennas must be moved to give place for the WARC Beam.

SM3CER/Janne and SM3HFD/Håkan are working the computers toudkortet SIGNALINK och dataloggprogrammet för PSK31.

5 PSK31 QSOs in the log this day.

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