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The 2009 CQ World-Wide DX Contest CW -
2009-11-28 - 2009-11-29

This year's contest team was SM3BQC/Arne, SM3CER/Janne, SM3EAE/Lars and SM3FJF/Jörgen.

On Friday evening. at
22.00 local time, SM3CER/Janne, SM3EAE/Lars and SM3FJF/Jörgen had arrived to SI9AM. They started to update the contest logging program Win Test to a newer version. A few minutes before the start of the contest everything was prepared SM3CER/Janne was the first one to runt the contest, and he began at 160 meters.

We were active during 30 hours of the contest and it became 1.369 QSOs and a total point of 640.000.

See you next year in the 2010 CQ World Wide DX Contest.

If you click on the photos you will see them larger.


SM3CER/Janne and SM3EAE/Lars update the Contest program Win-Test.

SM3CER/Janne runs the first night duty.

SM3EAE/Lars needs energy for the next CW duty.

SM3BQC/Arne is a great contest supporter.

Saturday morning - 10 degrees below zero, frost in the trees and the antenna.

“Hölleforsens” Power House a view from the balcony at SI9AM.

The antennas are doing a good work.

The Antennas.

The Thai Pavilion and frost in the trees.

The Thai Pavilion

SM3EAE/Lars in a CW pileup early on Saturday morning.

SM3CER/Janne likes chicken with fried potatoes.

QSO no 752 at 15:53 UTC.

SM3CER/Janne updates the software in computer No. 2.

Coffe time on Saturday night. You need strength and energy to run the night duty.

SM3FJF/Jörgen in a middle of a pile-up and SM3CER/Janne is also listening for signals.

QSO No. 1000, before midnight at 23:20 UTC.

QSO No. 1073, midnight at 00:00 UTC.

The contest team SM3BQC/Arne, SM3EAE/Lars, SM3CER/Janne, SM3FJF/Jörgen


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