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Annual Meeting,
 April 04, 2009

Radio meeting in Kramfors
SK3IK, Ådalens Radio Amateurs had invited hams in the third call area to a Radio Meeting at “Hola Folkhögskola” in Nyland, Kramfors. Immediately after the meeting for the third call area, SI9AM held its annual meeting.

SM3CVM/Lars, president of SI9AM, wished everyone welcome and presented the agenda and it that was accepted.

To chairman for the annual meeting we elected SM3CVM/Lars, to secretary we elected SM3LIV/Ulla and we elected SM3YKF/Kent and SM3GHE/Nils to sign the minutes.

The past year
SM3CVM/Lars presented to activity report for 2008 and SM3LIV/Ulla presented the annual report for 2008. Then some elections for the new council was made and then the meeting was closed and SM3CVM/Lars thanked all who hade come.

If you click on the photos you will see them larger.


SM3CER/Janne, SM3EXM/Erik and SM3FJF/Jörgen are eating lunch before the Annual Meeting.

SM3FVG/Holger, SM3GHN/Jan-Bertil and SM3DAL/Ove.

SM3YJD/Bernt-Olov, SM3GHE/Nils and SM3SZW/Sven-Henrik.

SM3CVM/Lars chairman of SI9AM, was elected to chairman for the Annual Meeting.

A lot of papers to read.

They are reading the activityreport and the Annual Report.

SM3TIW/Jonas and SM3PZS/Per-Erik.

SM3YJD/Bernt-Olov and SM3GHE/Nils.



SM3LIV/Ulla present the Annual Report.

The auditor SM3EXM is reading the Audit Report.


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