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Planning Meeting 2009-01-06

Tuesday January 6, we held a planning meeting on SI9AM.
From Östersund SM3CVM/Lars came from Hammarstrand came SM3EAE/Lasse and from Bispgården came SM3VLC/Tomas.
From Sundsvall came SM3FJF/Jörgen, SM3CER/Janne and from Järkvissle came SM3BQC/Arne
We had invited Sune Gissler and Jonny Johansson from Krångede Museum to inform them about SI9AM and what we have done to market Utanede and the neighbourhoods. They arrived half past nine. During the morning we showthem our visiting amateur radio station and demonstrated amateur radio. The aim is that our respective organizations can cooperate with marketing. We can recommend our visitors to plan a visit at Krångede Museum.
After lunch, we started to replace the old Windows 98 Internet computer to a newer upgraded XP computer. During the day SM3CER/Janne worked at number of QSOs.
In the afternoon we made a acitivity plan for the year 2009.

If you click on the photos you will see them larger.

SM3BQC/Arne Jonny Johansson från Krångede Museum och SM3FJF/Jörgen. Foto: Sune Gissler

Jonny Johansson och Sune Gissler från Krångede Museum.

SM3CVM/Lars, SM3CER/Janne som kör radio, SM3FJF/Jörgen, SM3BQC/Arne, SM3EAE/Lasse och Jonny Johansson med ryggen mot kameran . Foto: Sune Gissler

SM3CVMLars och SM3EAE/Lasse.

SM3VLC/Tomas som arbetar med uppgradering av internetdatorn.

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