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Our landlord Reine Svensson was one of the four organizers behind the Diggiloo-performance. SI9AM got earlier this year the commission from Reine, to park the cars and have a radio liaison. From the three parking areas A, B and C, we had radio connection to a HQ-station.

Liaison Officer
Chief for this liaison commission was SM3SZW/Sven-Henrik which has a long and varied experience in leading large liaison commissions.

Starting meeting
At 13.00 local time we had our first meeting with information about what we were going to do.

Stationary stations
The HQ-station was establish in ”the White House” and we also had a stationary radio station in the museum, which for the day was  a meeting place and restaurant only for us.

All amateur radio traffic during this liaison commission was on 145,450 MHz. The three were parking had a direct frequency. Most of us had a 2-meters hand-held equipment. All hams from SI9AM was this day dressed in orange/yellow. At 15.30 we went out to the three different parking areas were we were going to park 1100 cars with about 4,500 visitors.

The HQ-station in the "White House" was the spindle in the network, which knew where everyone was and could ask hams to take another places where they were more needed.

Picnic and show
At 16.30 the visitors could go in the pavilion area and take places outside the “picnic-area”. Those who had numbered seats or tickets to the picnic-area were allowed to take their places at 18.00.

Show start at 19.00
It was very important that all the cars were parked and the visitors in place before 19.00. We managed to that and the show could start exactly at 19.00 .

Except the two stationary radio stations there was four “important” persons, namely Reine Svensson, Per Bergvall, Medical orderly and Guards who, throughout the afternoon/evening, was followed by hams with a hand-held radio equipment.

At the scene
During the whole evening, we had hams both to the right and to the left of the stage and in front of and behind the scene.

At 20.30 we had a short meeting and at 22.15 a larger meeting to discuss what to do when all cars were going home after the Diggiloo-performance.

They way out
When the show ended about 22.45 we were on the three parking areas to show and help the cars to find their way out. After 45 minutes all cars had left the parking area and we got praise for our job from many people.

Thanks and good night
At 00.30 we gathered in the museum again for a final meeting. A big thank you and “YOU ALL DID A GOOD JOB” to all the 41 hams.


If you click on the photos you will see them larger.

SM3BQC/Arne and SM3LIV/Ulla was fastest out of the car. SM3CER/Janne with his radio equipment in his hand

Meeting in the museum before we start liaison commission.

The meeting starts at 13.00.

Some of the hams hadn’t met before they had only spoken with each other on the radio.

Information where the three large parking area is located.


Chief for this liaison commission was SM3SZW/Sven-Henrik.

The medical orderly are going through the details before tonight's Diggiloo-performance.

Outside the HQ, "The White House", SM3BQC/Arne, SM3LIV/Ulla och SM3CER/Janne.

SM3GHE/Nils, SA3AWZ/Christer, SA3AWE Peter, SM3FJF/Jörgen.

During a few minutes we could look at the Diggiloo-perfomance.

A happy SM3FJF/Jörgen and SM3BQC/Arne who are on their way out to the parking area A.

Some of car-park attendants: SM3MEH/Tomas, SA3AWZ/Christer,SA3AWE/Peter, SA3AWT/Per-Anders, SM3FWT/Hans and Agneta.

SM3EFS/Lennart and SM3BAS/Anders.

All parked cars in the background and special parking places near the fence for people with disabilities.

Reine Svensson and Olof Storgård.

Per Bergwall and SM3SZW/Sven-Henrik.

SM3CVM/Lars talks with Karin Stöök.

SM3EAE/Lars and XYL Karin Stöök

A short meeting to discuss what to do next.

The children had their own place this evening.

A wonderful evening with no rain.

What a nice picture.

It was a fantastic show.

Big monitors on the left and right of the main stage.

Everywhere have people found a place to sit.

SM3EAE/Lars XYL Kerstin and SM3LIV/Ulla.

Even when it becomes dark you could se the show.

30 minutes before the cars leaves the parking area.


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