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Meeting in Utanede for hams in the 3rd call area,

More than 40 hams, of which three were YL, met in Utanede this day. The third call-area in Sweden had their spring meeting and host was SI9AM. The meeting took place at Holmstagården. We started with coffee and sandwich.

The leader for the third call area SM3ZBB/Lars informed us about the new organisation for the Swedish
Amateur Radio Society, SSA. We took a brake for a delicious lunch. In the afternoon, local societies in the third call-area informed us about their activities.

 The next meeting will be held in Sollefteå in October.

If you click on the photos you will see them larger.

Coffee, tea and sandwiches.

SM3JVJ/Lars, SM3AF/Sten and SM3FWT/Hasse. All from Sundsvall.

SA3ADT/Roland from Sundsvall and SM3CLA/Karl-Olof from Gävle.

Before the meeting.

SM3AAE/Bengt and SM3FZL/Rolf.

SM3PZS/Per-Erik, SM3MYS/Eric and SM3BPY/Sölve.


The meeting have started.

A lot of information.

SM3WMU/Tomas presents himself.

Holmstagården´s staff.

Welcome to the table.

Waiting for the lunch.

Waiting for the lunch.

Enjoy your meal!

It taste very good!

Nearest the camera SM3JVJ/Lars and SM3CER/Janne.

Nearest the camera SM3VRG/K-G and SM3ZBB/Lars.

Nearest the camera SM3CVM/Lars and SM3SZW/Sven-Henrik.

Nearest the camera SM3LIV/Ulla, SM3EFS/Lennart and SM3CWE/Owe.

SM3FWT/Hans, SM3AF/Sten, SM3AAE/Bengt and SM3XKW/Anders.

SM3EXM/Erik and SM3YKQ/Tor

SA3ATC/Ulrica and SA3ATF/Tommy

SM3VLC/Tomas and SM3IRD/Rolf

SM3ESX/Christer to the right was the winner of "Tipstolvan" a competition.

He also received a book "The Ericson Chronicle".

What are they looking at?

They are looking at some of SM3CLA/Karl-Olof radioexperiments.

SM3CLA/Karl-Olof shows his experiments.

Of course a lot of interest for some of the cars outside.

SM3CLA/Karl-Olof, SM3BEE/George, SM3XKW/Anders, SM3BWJ/Kristian and SA3ARK/Dan


SI9AM Antennas

SI9AM Antennas

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