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Demonstration of amateur radio

Sunday morning
We (SM3BQC/Arne, SM3EAE/Lars, SM3FJF/Jörgen and SM3LIV/Ulla) wanted to catch our guest operators SMØGNS/Peder and SM5HJZ/Jonas before they travelled on to Köpmanholmen so we arrived to Utanede at about nine a clock local time. Before we arrived we had a QSO on 145.550 MHz with SI9AM to hear if SM0GNS/Peder and SM5HJZ/Jonas was awake. We also waked up SM5EUU/Kerstin and SM5BZL/Christer who hadn’t turned off their 2-meters station before they went to bed on Saturday.

Guided tour
Of course Jonas and Peder wanted to have a guided tour around the park. The guide was Katarina Söderlund and she let them know how King Chulalongkorn travelled around in the northern part of Sweden and his visit in Utanede 1897. They were very impressed about Thai Pavilion building.

SM3BQC/Arne had baked two cakes and everyone who visited SI9AM this day thought it tasted excellent.

Some of the visitors
Some of the visitors this day were SM3XUK/Lennart and his son Thomas who had travelled from Järpen, SM3XKW/Anders SM3BWJ/Kristian from Kramfors and SM3FZL/Rolf and his son from Helgum.

Allgott and Villgott
In the afternoon we could see “Allgott and Villgott” a children cabaret outside the Thai Pavilion area. Both the child and their parents laughed a lot.

In the afternoon SM3HFD/Håkan and Karin from Kvissleby arrived and helped us to take down the antennas and move the radio equipment from the “White House”.

A trip in a canoe
In the evening you could see “Allgott and Willgott” paddling a canoe in the pond in front of the Thai Pavilion.


If you click on the photos you will see them larger.

The Thai Pavilion

SM3FJF/Jörgen, SM0GNS/Peder, SM5HJZ/Jonas and SM3EAE/Lars. Peder and Jonas have just finished their breakfast.

SM5HJZ/Jonas and SM0GNS/Peder

Katarina Söderlund in the red jacket is guiding this group

What are they looking at?

Yes, the Thai Pavilion

SM5XKW/Anders and SM3BWJ/Kristian

SM3XUK/Lennart and his son Tomas

SM3LIV/Ulla and SM5EUU/Kerstin

As you see SM5BZL/Christer has been in Friedrichshafen


SM3BQC/Arne who hade baked the two cakes

SM5EUU/Kerstin thinks that the cake tastes excellent

What station is on the band? Is it 9A/ON7JW? It was one of the stations you could found in our log this day.

Everyone is listening

SM3FZL/Rolf working from the "White House"

At least one week every summer you can find these two in the Thai Pavilion area.

She is always smiling

The Thai Market

The Thai Market

The Thai Market

The Thai Market

The Thai Market

The Thai Market

The Thai Market

The Thai Market

A nice little house

Inside the little house

Karin and SM3HFD/Håkan

Now arrives Allgott and Villgott, the children cabaret

Allgott and Villgott on their way up on the scene

Allgott and Willgott

Both children and their parents were activated during the cabaret

Allgott and Villgott

One of the children in the audience is up on the scene.

The audience

Who are coming?

Yes, it´s Allgott and Villgott

In the background you can see the Thai Pavilion.

Now you can see Allgott and Villgot paddling in a canoe, but were are their life jackets?

"Shame on you!"

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