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Work at SI9AM, May 6, 2006

Fine weather
We couldn’t have chosen a better day to work at SI9AM. The sun was shining from a clear blue sky the whole day. It was about 24 degrees centigrade, which is extremely warm for this time in the year.

First to arrive
The first hams arrived at 09.00 local time and they made coffee

13 hams
13 hams took part of the work during the day. From Östersund come SM3CVM/Lars, from Hamarstrand SM3EAE/Lars, from Sollefteå SM3PZV/Bengt and his son Tommy, from Föllinge (its about 220 kilometres from Utanede) SM3YKU/Håkan, from Järkvissle SM3BQC/Arne and from Sundsvall SM3CER/Janne, SM3ESX/Christer, SM3FJF/Jörgen, SM3FWT/Hans, SM3LIV/Ulla, SM3ZBB/Lars and YL Agneta.

The Antennas
We checked the antennas and build and mounted 20 meter up a dipole fore 10 MHz.

The Amateur radio Equipment
We checked everything and worked very well.

Other activities
We cleaned the windows and updated a guest-information.

About 13.00 we went down to restaurant ”Terasspaviljongen” and we all chose chicken and rise. We were sitting outside and could look at the Thai Pavilion with all the gold which glittered in the sunshine.

De new owners of  ”Holmstagården”, Siv and Reine Svensson, had dressed in national costume so we could take pictures for the website. They are in a hurry to have everything ready to May 15th, when they open up.

Youth Exchange
Åsa Steinsvik visited us. She is instructor for a youth exchange between youth’s in Sweden and Thailand. Ragunda municipality will be a host municipality in a youth exchange, Sweden World Youth Thailand (SWY) 2006.

Seven youths from Sweden and seven youths from Thailand will during three months live in Thailand and the next three months in Thailand.

We informed Åsa about our Visiting Amateur Radio Station in Ragunda and welcomed her and her youths to visit as during the time they all are in Ragunda.

We worked about 180 QSO´s.

If you click on the photos you will see them larger.

Welcome to Holmstagården. Siv and Reine Svensson, the new owner, in national costume.

Siv och Reine with a tourist are standing in front of the Thai Pavilion.


Now we have started the work.


SM3ZBB/Lars (in black) and Agneta visit SI9AM for the first time.

SM3FWT/Hans and SM3PZV/Bengt.

Of course SM3ZBB/Lars had to sign the guestbook.


They are preparing for the next demonstration of amateur radio.

We are having lunch at "Terasspaviljongen". In the background you can se the Thai Pavilion.

We are having lunch at "Terasspaviljongen".

We are having lunch at "Terasspaviljongen".


SM3ESX/Christer is working with the antenna.

SM3ESX/Christer is working with the antenna.

Where shall I hang this painting?

SM3CER/Janne in a pile-up.

Coffee break

Coffee break

Åsa Steinsvik visit us.

Åsa Steinsvik tell us about her work with.

Åsa Steinsvik visit us.

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